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Many thanks to Rick Jensen @WDEL for having me on his Women in Business special. It was a pleasure being a guest on your show! http://wdel.streamon.fm/listen-pl-1837?smc=6

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Upon contacting and speaking with Julia MacWilliams, I knew I was on the right path to finding a great career!

Julia explained the many features that Springboard offers to people actively looking for employment. She put me in touch with a fantastic resume writer, who carefully listened to my experience and credentials. The end product was a dynamic, professionally composed resume that landed me my dream job. 

The personal tips and advice that Julia offered were also very helpful to someone returning to the workforce after many years as a stay at home mom.

Please consider Springboard Careers, Inc. if you are ready to change your life and enter or re-enter the workforce! The guidance and direction I was given are priceless and I intend on being a proud representative of Springboard Careers. Many thanks to Julia and to Springboard! 


Oxford, PA